Board of Elders
The Board of Elders assists the Pastor on all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation. They see to it that all services are conducted in a manner that is conducive to worship among those attending. The Board appoints the Head Usher who supervises a staff of ushers that prepare the building for worship and ensure the comfort of the worshipers. The Board of Elders also makes every effort to encourage those members who have been negligent in their attendance of the Worship Service and in the use of the Sacraments.

Board of Christian Outreach
The Board of Christian Outreach plans and carries out an outreach program in the congregation and in the community. The Board trains and maintains a staff of Greeters to welcome members and visitors to Worship Services and follows up with any visitors to the Church from the local area. In the area of public relations, the Board publicizes the Gospel and activities of the congregation by using the various modern methods of communication.

Board of Christian Education
The Board of Christian Education is responsible for all personnel and matters pertaining to the educational agencies of the congregation. These agencies are the Sunday School, Weekday School of Religion, the Elementary Christian Day School (K-8), the Early Learning Center (12 mos – Pre-K), and Vacation Bible School. The Board also works with the Parent-Teacher League to encourage participation in school community activities. It also ensures that all curriculums are based on the true inerrant Word of God.

Board of Christian Living
The Board of Christian Living counsels the other boards and committees as well as the congregation at large in the interest of fostering Christian Living in the areas of time, talent, and treasures.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is in charge of the property of the Congregation and keeps it in a good state of repair. The Board also performs all of the acts for the congregation that a property owner is called upon to do such as signing documents and closing contracts.

Board of Youth Ministry
The Board of Youth Ministry plans and carries out a program of ministry in the congregation to the youth from middle school through college age.